HealthEssentials Black Edition 4-Ply Ear Loop Face Masks

An upgraded version of our 3-Ply Ear Loop Face Masks, this mask has merged today’s demand of trendy aesthetics with an added layer of protection of 4-Ply filtration.

Our 4-Ply disposable face mask is designed with 4 layers of bacteria and micro-organism filtration, black elastic bands and a metal nose bar to offer protection and soft, breathable material to provide a comfortable fit.

50 pieces/box. Hygienically packed in 10s.

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HealthEssentials Black Edition 4-Ply Ear Loop Face Masks

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Our 4-Ply face mask has 4 layers – two outer layers made of black hydrophobic polypropylene non-woven spunbond fabric which repels respiratory droplets and other fluids, a middle layer of meltblown fabric with 99% Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE), designed to filter bacteria and certain pathogens, and a black inner hydrophilic polypropylene fabric which absorbs respiratory droplets, sweat and moisture.

Look trendy while staying safe with our Black Edition 4-Ply Ear Loop Face Mask.

8 reviews for HealthEssentials Black Edition 4-Ply Ear Loop Face Masks

  1. Pearlyn Tan

    Black 4 ply mask very good quality; its thick and comfy, doesnt make my face itch or irritated(: very afforadable too. packed in individual packs of 10s, which is and hygienic ! received my box of mask just 2 days after their stock arrived;1 day after making payment. Highly recommended

  2. syasyalita

    Item received in good condition. Already bought one for myself and decided to buy another one for my sister! Hope she likes it because she’s obsessed with black masks haha

  3. catherine9939

    Well received my orders. I like this mask, cuz is high breathability. Will definitely purchase again once it’s finished.

  4. joze19

    Fast delivery and for a 4-ply mask, it is still comfortable and breathable. The quality is good that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin

  5. qataztrophe

    Prompt delivery. Material is breathable and comfortable even for petite face.

  6. groovevision

    Very fast delivery from seller. Received 2 days after placing my order. Thumbs up for the fast efficient service. Face mask looks good in terms of the packaging and fabric materials used. Highly recommended.

  7. joannakhoo14

    Was very impressed with the quality of the masks. Smart packaging of 10 masks per pack. Cannot wait to use it.

  8. angelapui

    Good quality and comfortable wear all day!These disposable masks are 4 ply soft and durable and don’t have a strange smell.I can wear this comfortably for hours! I am satisfied and will buy more, highly recommended!

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